Harlequin Lake

Harlequin Lake in Yellowstone National Park is a short hike to a beautiful lake tucked beneath rocky cliffs featuring an assortment of waterfowl. The entire path is level making it great for the whole family. The entire 1/2 mile to the lake is in a new stand of lodgepole pines giving little in the way of views.

Located between the West Entrance and Madison Junction, the Harlequin Lake trail starts out along a broad meadow next to the Madison River. This pullout is worth a stop even if you’re not hiking to Harlequin Lake. Bison and Elk frequent this meadow as well as an assortment of birds.

The trail immediately heads into the trees and really limits views the entire trip. Thankfully, the trail is short, rewarding you after a short hike. Lily pads dot the lake and provide great habitat for a wide variety of waterfowl.

Ring-necked Duck

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