Triple Divide Pass 2015

Triple Divide Pass

Triple Divide Pass in Glacier National Park has been on my wife’s radar for some time now and, after the weather broke, we decided to take a Sunday and head on up there.

Although the day started out cloudy, it made for cool hiking until we got up to the pass. The wind and cooler temperatures had us eat lunch fairly quickly. As we headed down, the sun began to break creating wonderful landscapes and, overall, a beautiful day.

Orange Agoseris

Some highlights of the trip include the incredible vistas which are there any time you hike it. The summer wildflowers are coming out in full throttle and were fantastically beautiful. We also spied a bull moose bedded down in an avalanche chute which is always a good reminder to keep an eye out for animals hanging out, even in the middle of the day.

North Fork Cutbank Creek

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4 responses to “Triple Divide Pass 2015”

  1. Erika Morck Avatar
    Erika Morck

    Great hike and pictures! Would this area be affected by the Reynolds Creek Fire?

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Not as it stands. It seems like the wind is blowing the fire east and north and the area between the fire and Triple Divide Pass burned a few years ago. Possible, but I’m not thinking so…. yet. (that’s my big caveat) 😉

  2. How much time should a fit hiker allow for this hike?

    1. hike734 Avatar

      I usually take the mileage and divide by two as a place to start. Make it longer if you’re going to take lots of photos or if you’re a slower hiker both up and down, etc. So for this one, I’d probably say 7-8 hours.

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