Feature Friday – The Skyline Experience

Skyline Experience

I got this email from a Mr. Alex Blondeau who has introduced me to a route that I now want to do called the Skyline Experience. It’s an off-trail experience that starts out at the Cracker Lake trailhead, crosses Canyon Creek, climbs Wynn Mountain, then Cracker, then Mt. Siyeh, then descends down into the Cataract Creek valley on the Many Glacier side of the Piegan Pass trail, then follows that trail back down to Many Glacier.

First of all, he and his friend, Tyler, showed the grit and determination that it takes to do really big days in the Park. They also got a great day and did a super fun job of capturing it. They could have gotten an earlier start and they need some work on their scree skills, but other than that, I think they did a bang up job. Watch their video below and get stoked for summer!

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7 responses to “Feature Friday – The Skyline Experience”

  1. Edit alert! (sorry, just can’t help myself! )
    “First of all, him and his friend, Tyler showed…” really should read : “First of all, HE and his friend, Tyler (comma), showed…” Because without Tyler in the sentence, you wouldn’t say “him showed”, right, you would say “he showed”? Same form is used with Tyler (or anybody else) added.
    Soapbox relinquished. (ducking rotten tomatoes) Don’t hate me… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Gaaaa!! You’re right! (For those reading this in the future, my grammatical misstep should be corrected, but only by the keen linguistic eyes of a certain, “karla from CO”) ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Welllllll, that’s a good question. You definitely need the comma after Tyler if you’re putting one after friend, but maybe it flows a bit better in print without them. Grammatically speaking they should probably be used because it is a break in the sentence to give an identity to the noun. So, I’m abdicating on this one… both or none, it’s up to you.
            You’re a good sport to humor me in my persnickety-ness. ๐Ÿ˜€

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