Cue the Eagle

Golden Eagle

Being involved with Citizen Science and such, I find out about cool ways to help out the NPS and USGS scientists learn more about the animals and ecology of Glacier National Park. Migrations are happening from late summer on. Many raptors really start showing up here around the middle of October. If you happen to be around Glacier National Park in the middle of October, you need to head on up to the Lake McDonald area. You can watch them from Lake McDonald Lodge, but if you climb Mt. Brown, you can get face to face with them as you can see by my photo of this Golden Eagle.

It was super exciting and we were counting Coopers Hawks, Sharp-shinned Hawks, a Clark’s Nutcracker, loads and loads of Golden Eagles and more. I had to leave early, but after three and a half hours of counting, we had counted about 140 raptors. Super cool. 😉

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4 responses to “Cue the Eagle”

  1. Thanks! I love living next to both a great church and an amazing Park!

  2. Beaux Pilgrim Avatar
    Beaux Pilgrim

    great pic

  3. Glacier Cabins Avatar
    Glacier Cabins

    We love our raptors at Glacier! Thank you for your volunteer work on these projects!

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