Back down to Yosemite National Park

As the sun was setting in western Montana, my plane was rising up to the colorful clouds. Time to once again head back down to Yosemite National Park.

I’ve been back and forth all summer long as I work on my latest day hike map. Yosemite is a wonderful park and I hope this map will be helpful for all those looking to do some day hiking.

This is my last big trip down here. I’ll have to come down one more time in November as they are doing some major renovations to the Wawona Grove. I’ll also have to take a look at what the fires have done to the trails that I’ve already hiked.

The crowds are dwindling which makes for a great time to get out. I hope everyone had a great summer…. but remember hiking season is still in full swing. There is still time to explore.

I’ll be out so the blogging will be on pause for the next couple weeks. I’ll pick back up on my Grand Teton blogs when I do. We’ve got some great stuff coming your way!

The trail awaits…




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