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I’m about ready to head south again. As smoke from innumerable fires both inside and out of Glacier fill the skies, I’m thankful that I’m spending September in Yellowstone National Park. My blogging has slowed as I’ve doubled down on my hiking, but that will bring hiking blogs all throughout the offseason.

Yellowstone is a crazy place. From the spectacular such as the numerous megafauna (bison, elk, bears, wolves, etc) and geysers to the broad, sweeping valleys and petrified trees, there is much to see. The deeper I go, the more I find and the more I fall in love. The longer I stay in any national park, the more I realize the folly in the phrase, “Oh, we’ve done such and such a park.” The great joy is that they’re never done. Each new trail, each new season, and even each new year changes the face, the experience.

I’ll resurface more towards the end of September. For now, it’s dust on the shoes with camera in hand awaiting whatever each bend has for me. The mountains don’t come to you, you must go to them.

The trail awaits…

Riverside Geyser

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4 responses to “Back to Yellowstone”

  1. Hi Jake,

    With the rains coming to the region, is the air quality/general visibility in the region any better?

    Have a trip planned with my father through Gunsight Pass a few days after the Labor Day holiday and we’re debating whether to go north to the Mt Robson/Berg Lake (a fantastic hike, if you’ve never done it, by the way) or Jasper/Banff, or keep our current plan. I know there’s no fires currently impacting our route, but I don’t want to hike with low visibility and poor air quality.

    1. My apologies for not replying sooner (I was in Yellowstone). What did you end up doing?

  2. Hi,

    My husband and I are taking our grandsons (6&8) hiking in Grand Tetons and Yellowstone late June 2016. I hope you will have some suggestions for us. My husband and I have been there several times but we really want to make this memorable for them. We will be flying out from Maryland. Thanks. We LOVE your map and guide for Glacier where we have been 5 times.

    1. I won’t be able to help you out much with the Tetons just yet, but the Yellowstone blogs should start after the first of the year and map in the spring!

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