New Year. New Office. More Blogs (soon).

Welcome to 2021! Amongst all of the craziness of the infamous 2020, we embarked on building a new house. You haven’t heard anything from Hike 734 at all because of that.

Now that we are getting close to completing the house, I’ll be moving into my new office and will start editing the pile of blogs that I have from my summers of hiking in Yosemite National Park, Olympic National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Just a quick hello and update from me to let you know we’re still here and you should see more soon!

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20 responses to “New Year. New Office. More Blogs (soon).”

  1. Thomas Gola Avatar
    Thomas Gola

    Happy new year and good luck with your house! Just wanted to touch base and see if you’re familiar with anything in the Dinali area. Nothing crazy just some simple nice hikes. Thanks in advance

    1. hike734 Avatar


      Nothing on Denali myself. Never been to Alaska… but hoping to! It looks amazing!

  2. Hi Jake, and welcome back! Sorry to hear you missed out on hiking in 2020! I managed to finally do the Gunsight Pass hike from Going-To-The-Sun Road to stay a night in the renovated Sperry Chalet! We were greatly impressed with the fantastic job they did on the Chalet–it went a long way to assuage our grief over the loss in 2017! I also did a group hike in the Escalante River Canyon in southeast Utah in October–although I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, this was my first time in the Utah canyons and it was amazing–but unseasonably cold!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2021 and congratulations on the new house!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Thanks and I’m super jealous! I’m looking forward to getting outside more and exchanging my carhartts for kuhl once again.

      I love the Utah deserts and want to explore more of it!

  3. Terry Larson Avatar
    Terry Larson

    Congratulation! I missed you and glad to hear all is well and more coming.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Thanks Terry!

  4. Valerie B Avatar
    Valerie B

    Jake, good to have you back! Looking forward to your posts.
    Thomas Gola, on your question about Denali hiking, a couple I would recommend are the Savage River Loop (Park Road Mile 15, the end of where you can drive yourself; a moderate 2 mile loop up and down the river in the canyon) and the Alpine trail at Eielson Visitor Center (Park Road Mile 66, have to take a park bus past mile 15, which is highly recommended; 0.8 miles, gains over 1,000 feet in elevation from the Visitor Center to the top of Thorofare Ridge – great views). Did both in 2014.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Thanks for the welcome back and for the tips on Denali!

  5. Ginger C Avatar

    Hi Jake! Congratulations on your house and glad to hear you will be back online and on the trail! We visited Glacier for the 4th time this summer – was very different with the closures and restrictions but were able to do a couple of great hikes (Firebrand Pass and Siyeh Pass), as well as returning to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, once again using your maps as a resource!
    In reply to Valerie and Thomas- we also did those two hikes in Denali. Good recommendations!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Thanks Ginger! Keep getting out on the trail. 😀


    So glad to hear from you!!! Quite a project you took on with the house. Glad you had a productive 2020. We didn’t make it to Glacier this summer because of our cabin being closed due to Covid. First time since 2005.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Hope you get to come up this year!

  7. Brett S Avatar

    Congrats on finishing your house Jake! One day we’ll make it up to Glacier but until then we’ll keep hitting the Colorado trails. Thanks for all the maps and we look forward to happy trails 2021!

  8. Nathan Stoll Avatar
    Nathan Stoll


    Just ordered the Day Hikes for GNP. Great work! Looking forward to getting my family out there for more time than usual this year. Question, we are considering doing Gunsight Pass over about 3 days with the fam (ages 16, 15, 11). You mention crampons and ice axe in the guide. We will be up there mid-july so probably will encounter some snow. What are your thoughts on difficulty for the kids? Is it pretty technical? Compared to something like Mt. Oberlin (for climbing not distance) is it easier, harder, or equal to?

    Thanks for your work out there!

  9. Jake –

    Can you check on the status of my GNP map? Ordered a couple weeks ago and yet to receive. Thanks.

    Bryan Corns
    Westfield, IN

  10. tom furlong Avatar
    tom furlong

    is there anywhere i can get more accurate information on plowing progress on going to the sun? i live in helena, want to plan riding my bike on going to the sun, the parks website doesnt update their website very often, thanks, tom

  11. James Franklin Avatar
    James Franklin

    Hi Jake! I bought your map for Glacier, great stuff. I had a question for you, could you email me? It is regarding a trip I have planned for late July 2021. Thank you, Jim

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Shoot me an email on my contact page!

  12. Kelli Avatar

    Quick question…Your Glacier map is on back order. If ordered today do you think I would have it by 6/24/21?

    1. hike734 Avatar

      For sure! I should have more in stock on Tuesday.

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