Winter is not for hibernating

I’m often asked if winter is the slow time of year for me. I’m definitely not running around like I am in the spring (product distribution), summer, and fall (hiking). I am, however, busy editing blogs, making the actual topo maps, and writing trail descriptions.

It kind of reminds me of seeing birds like the Common Redpolls pictured above. To the casual observer, it seems that as we head into the winter months we begin to see less birds as the normal species that we see during the spring and summer begin migrating.  However, there continues to be a flurry of activity as we begin to see new winter visitors that have made their migration south. The Common Redpoll summers in Canada, but visit the northern US during the winter.

What does this have to do with what I’m doing? Well to the casual observer, Hike 734 gets quiet with only a handful of blog postings during the winter. The reality is that there is a lot of working going on and many things coming together as I’m busy getting the next Hike 734 day hike map guide into your hands!

While I’ve been regularily putting out my Grand Teton blogs, I’m going to put them on hold for a bit. I’ve got to go heads down making my Yosemite day hike map guide and updating the Zion day hike map guide. I’ll ramp up the rest of the Grand Teton blogs in early spring. Also, keep an eye out for some non-trip blogs showcasing some hiking and outdoor products that I’ve used and really love.

In the meantime, start dreaming of dry trails and epic adventures. The snow will come and pass and the winter birds will head back north. It will soon be time to welcome back flowers, summer birds, and long days.

The trail awaits…


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3 responses to “Winter is not for hibernating”

  1. We look forward to the trail maps as much as the trails. Thank you for the work you do . Enjoy the winter months. See you in the spring.

    1. Thanks Rose!

  2. Todd Malmberg Avatar
    Todd Malmberg

    Received the Tetons and Yellowstone maps. Thanks for the quick turnaround on these. They are super-informative and really well done.
    Hoping these old bones can make a strong go of it on our trip in June. Thanks again Jake for all you do.

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