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  • McDonald Creek Trail 2021

    McDonald Creek Trail 2021

    A quick drive from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park takes you to the head of Lake McDonald where McDonald Creek empties into it. The McDonald Creek Trail works its way up the playful creek, in an easy-going fashion with ample views of the crystal clear water. The trail begins as a level, ADA […]

  • String Lake, Leigh Lake, Bearpaw Lake, & Trapper Lake

    String Lake, Leigh Lake, Bearpaw Lake, & Trapper Lake

    The chain of lakes at the base of the Tetons beginning with String Lake, then progressing through Leigh Lake and Bearpaw Lake, all the way to Trapper Lakes in Grand Teton National Park is a wonderful level walk with loads of variations for all sorts of hikers. Each lake is unique and can make for […]

  • Red Eagle Lake 2014

    Red Eagle Lake 2014

    The birding and botany on the trail to Red Eagle Lake is pretty hard to beat in Glacier National Park. Mid-July is a wonderful time for the trip and I struck out on the trail for an overnighter. My goal was the lake to do a Common Loon survey and a Mountain Goat survey while […]

  • Easter Weekend 2013

    Easter Weekend 2013

    I’m getting antsy for hiking with all of the beautiful weather we’ve been having so my wife and I headed up to Glacier National Park again on Saturday of Easter weekend. While we didn’t see anything big (although we did see wolf, bear and moose tracks) we saw lots of beautiful scenery and loads of […]

  • Triple Divide

    Triple Divide

    A fantastic hike that leads from the St. Mary valley to the Cutbank area goes over a fantastic pass called Triple Divide Pass*. While it seemed that most people started at the St. Mary side, I started at the Cutbank trailhead on August 10, 2011. You start out walking in meadows on either side. The […]

  • Beaver Pond

    Beaver Pond

    Out in the St. Mary area of Glacier National Park, there are a few trails with a bit of history. Starting at the 1913 Ranger Station cabin (which is near the old site of the St. Mary Chalets), you start the trail to the beaver pond. It’s a quaint little pond that attracts quite a […]

  • McDonald Creek

    McDonald Creek

    The McDonald Creek trailhead in Glacier National Park is located at the head of Lake McDonald where you turn onto N. Lake McDonald Road, cross the creek and see the trailhead sign. This is a great early season hike when not much else is open as well as a great short hike to be done […]