Easter Weekend 2013

I’m getting antsy for hiking with all of the beautiful weather we’ve been having so my wife and I headed up to Glacier National Park again on Saturday of Easter weekend. While we didn’t see anything big (although we did see wolf, bear and moose tracks) we saw lots of beautiful scenery and loads of birds.

We parked at Lake McDonald Lodge as that’s as far as we could drive on Going-to-the-Sun Road and started at the Sperry Trailhead. If you walk just up to the corrals, there is a trail called the Avalanche Trail that parallels Going-to-the-Sun Road to the Avalanche Lake Trail. We followed that trail to just past John’s Lake, then crossed the road and hiked up along McDonald Creek and watched loads of birds by a beaver pond upstream. We then came back down and saw a huge flock of assorted waterfowl at the head of the lake.

Overall, an amazing day to be out in the Park.

Easter Weekend 2013 Wanderings
Mt. Brown Lookout

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  1. Looking great! Makes me homesick

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