Beaver Pond Trail

Beaver Pond

Out in the St. Mary area of Glacier National Park, there are a few trails with a bit of history. Starting at the 1913 Ranger Station cabin (which is near the old site of the St. Mary Chalets), you start the trail to the beaver pond. It’s a quaint little pond that attracts quite a variety of life. I saw many birds such as buffleheads, red-winged blackbirds and cedar waxwings. There is also a little offshoot trail that leads to a horse pasture. Once back onto the Red Eagle trail, you can take off onto the Divide Creek trail.

To continue the history lesson, the Red Eagle trail starting at the old ranger station and, continuing up the Divide Creek trail, used to go across Divide Creek and was the old Indian Highway before it was rerouted and the town of St. Mary was born thus dooming the St. Mary Chalets. It has since gone through a forest fire and is now home to a huge variety of birds which I was able to capture, including a not often seen Solitary Sandpiper. This spur is not the easiest to find, but it’s a very rewarding hidden jewel of Glacier National Park.

Beaver Pond
Common Selfheal

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8 responses to “Beaver Pond”

  1. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Wow- two new life birds for me in one video. I don’t think I have seen a red-naped sapsucker before and I know i haven’t seen a solitary sandpiper (although spotted sandpipers are common around here).

    I assume the beaver is long gone at Beaver Pond? Did you see any beaver in your travels this summer?

    Keep the videos coming and remember that in cyberworld, you can be old news in a heartbeat.


    1. There was a beaver dam at the pond which I took a little video of, but it failed to make the cut. I did see a few beavers… one that pops into my mind right away is one up at Akokala Lake.

      I’m aware of being flash in the pan for sure! Hopefully we can keep getting the word out eh? 😉

  2. Speaking of “flash in the pan”….I saw your picture and a little about what your doing in Outside magazine this month. Congrats on the exposure! I live in Bigfork and have printed your schedule out to give me a checklist for the next 5 years!

    1. Thanks! Keep pecking away at it. There are a few doozies in there such as the Mineral Creek Cabin that you might want to wait until I do my blog to see what’s up… even then, you’ll probably want to shoot an email to me to get a few tips about. How much have you covered so far?

      1. I’ve done the Kintla loop and quartz lake for the northfork area, and most of the hikes in the Many Glacier area, and Apgar area. I jump around a lot but haven’t really kept track of all that I’ve done. Living in Bigfork, I spend a lot of my time up in the Jewel Basin

  3. Meadow Gardener Avatar
    Meadow Gardener

    Two east coasters headed to work at Two Medicine camp store for the summer. So glad I found your site.

    1. Jacob Bramante Avatar
      Jacob Bramante

      Lovely place to work… and explore from. 😉

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