Cracker Lake

Cracker Lake 2013

Cracker Lake has never disappointed me. I’ve hiked to the lake twice and each time I’ve seen at least a moose, loads of flowers and a bunch or birds. On July 2nd, 2013, I headed out again with one of the board members from the Glacier National Park Conservancy to this wonderful spot. We took our time, smelled the flowers and endured a hot sunny day well into the 90s.

The lake didn’t have that wonderful green-blue color, but more of a greenish gray as this year must have seen a lot more runoff. Either way, there was a moose at the head of the lake and a coyote on a snowfield. Half of our group headed back earlier and we caught up with them. When we did, we found out that they’d seen a sow griz with a cub, panting in the afternoon heat. Lucky!

Overall a great trip and one that I’ll do again!

Visit the full blog on the Cracker Lake here and keep on the lookout for the big game of the Many Glacier Valley.

Cracker Lake 2013
Moose grazing at Cracker Lake

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6 responses to “Cracker Lake 2013”

  1. James Nickelson Avatar
    James Nickelson

    We did that hike 2 years ago. Lake was brilliant blue/green. We didn’t see any animals tho’. Would like to do it again. Enjoy your videos.

    1. The Park has many faces and you can do the same trip many times with different results! Part of the fun and the serendipity of it all. 😉

  2. Connie McConnell Hopkins Avatar
    Connie McConnell Hopkins

    This one has been on our list but we’ve not yet made it there. We’re just going to have to schedule it and make it happen!!

  3. Bruce Roberts Avatar
    Bruce Roberts

    Wow, the lake was definitely a different color than usual! Looks like a lot of nice wildflowers this time of year. The only thing I dislike about that trail is the way the horses mess it up when it’s wet; maybe it was early enough so not that bad yet. Any pikas in the rock slide area?

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Agree on the lake color. I like it better all nice and green, but it’s fun to see it’s many “personalities”. No pikas this time around. Boo. I love them guys!

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