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  • Garden Wall Summit Trifecta

    Garden Wall Summit Trifecta

    Three summits along the Garden Wall, Bishops Cap, Mt. Pollock, and Piegan Mountain, are a great day trip for those looking for some wonderful views above Going-to-the-Sun Road and the Highline Trail. The route is most frequently accessed from Lunch Creek just east of Logan Pass, but my buddy Blake Passmore, from Climb Glacier recommended […]

  • Feature Friday – Blake Passmore

    Feature Friday – Blake Passmore

    I’d like to formally introduce you to Blake Passmore. Blake is super fun, a big personality and an overall great guy. He is indefatigable and is out there climbing peaks in Glacier National Park and diligently documenting them so that others might enjoy them. What most people don’t see is the countless hours of putting […]

  • Jake ‘n Blake 2013 Western Montana Tour

    Jake ‘n Blake 2013 Western Montana Tour

    I just came out with my Going-to-the-Sun Road Driving Guide and my good buddy Blake Passmore of Climb Glacier National Park fame has come out with Volume 3 of his Climb Glacier National Park series. His latest book features routes to peak summits in the Northern Highline, Lake McDonald and Sperry Basin areas. I actually […]

  • Iceberg Peak

    Iceberg Peak

    Right above one of the more popular destinations in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, Iceberg Peak looks down upon the gorgeous Iceberg Lake. There are no trails to the top, but you have to walk on one for a bit before the climb. Getting to Iceberg Peak means that you’ll be taking […]