Iceberg Peak

Right above one of the more popular destinations in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, Iceberg Peak looks down upon the gorgeous Iceberg Lake. There are no trails to the top, but you have to walk on one for a bit before the climb.

Getting to Iceberg Peak means that you’ll be taking off from the Highline Trail between the Ahern Drift and Ahern Pass. How you get to that section varies, but the quickest way to get there is from the Loop. From the Loop, up to Granite Park Chalet, then north along the Highline, up to the peak and back down is about 17 miles and 6,000+ vertical which can be made easier by camping at Granite Park Chalet or its campground.

It’s a big day and it was done with Blake Passmore of Climb Glacier National Park as he is working on his third book on climbing peaks within the park. Lot of fun, lot of work and super rewarding. For more information, check out his book when it comes out as well as the J. Gordon Edwards, “A Climber’s Guide to Glacier National Park”.

Iceberg Peak

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  1. fantastic. don’t think i’m doing that anytime soon. glad to see you guys did it.

  2. Did yoiu do this hike last summer of last week? And are you hiking Waterton this summer as you planned? I’d like to see a video of Crypt Lake. We drove through Glacier yesterday east to west on a beautiful day- no time to hike.

    1. I did this on July 31st of this year. Still looking at Waterton… probably going to just cram it all in in September.

  3. Looking at the photo of the Ahern Drift did you approach the summit from the left side of the photo? Is the approach to the peak difficult once you leave the trail? I wouldn’t mind giving this one a go on my next trip to Glacier.

    1. As far as approaches go, it’s not too bad if you’ve done some peak bagging in the park. Just have to be mindful of where you can head up through a couple of cliff band sections. I’d get yourself a copy of J. Gordon Edwards book “Climbing Glacier National Park” and look for my friend, Blake Passmore’s book on this section to come out hopefully next year and it will feature it!

  4. […] I just came out with my Going-to-the-Sun Road Driving Guide and my good buddy Blake Passmore of Climb Glacier National Park fame has come out with Volume 3 of his Climb Glacier National Park series. His latest book features routes to peak summits in the Northern Highline, Lake McDonald and Sperry Basin areas. I actually joined him for his hike up Iceberg Peak which I blogged about. […]

  5. […] learned. I help him out as well where I can. We even get out on the trail together such as when we climbed Iceberg Peak together for his Volume 3. We’ve also hit the road for our distribution tour and had a blast. […]

  6. Im staying at Helen Lake for two days. Is there a way up to Ahern Pass from Helen Lake? Based on the aerial maps, there doesnt appear to be?

    1. The short answer is that there is no official trail up there. The longer answer is that I believe that there used to be a trail up there. You can get up there, but it’s an off-trail scramble. The legendary story of Joe Cosley had him going down from Ahern Pass and out the Belly River to avoid prosecution for his poaching.

      1. Thanks for the response. I think I shall try the scramble!

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