Jake ‘n Blake 2013 Western Montana Tour

Jake 'n Blake Western Montana Tour 2013

I just came out with my Going-to-the-Sun Road Driving Guide and my good buddy Blake Passmore of Climb Glacier National Park fame has come out with Volume 3 of his Climb Glacier National Park series. His latest book features routes to peak summits in the Northern Highline, Lake McDonald and Sperry Basin areas. I actually joined him for his hike up Iceberg Peak which I blogged about.

Well we decided that it would be fun to hit the road as part of a little distribution tour and we’d love to meet up with you! The dates are April 10th-12th through towns such as Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte and Missoula. We aren’t sure when we’ll be in the various Montana towns, but you can track us here and if you’re the first person to say ‘hi’ to us in your town, we’ll give you a little something! For an idea of which stores we’ll be hitting up, you can see the stores that currently carry Blake’s book to give you an idea.

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3 responses to “Jake ‘n Blake 2013 Western Montana Tour”

  1. Sally Emett Beaulieu Avatar
    Sally Emett Beaulieu

    HI! I just dialed you guys in on Twitter! Have fun…be safe!

  2. […] Tuesday, I’m speaking again, this time in Helena, MT. I was in Helena a few weeks ago on my Jake N Blake 2013 trip. (insert “Helena and back” joke here) If you live in the area go and get your tickets […]

  3. […] As I’ve moved into having some products myself, he’s been very gracious to help me along my journey based upon what he’s learned. I help him out as well where I can. We even get out on the trail together such as when we climbed Iceberg Peak together for his Volume 3. We’ve also hit the road for our distribution tour and had a blast. You can find out about that by checking out the Jake ‘n Blake 2013 Western Montana Tour […]

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