Feature Friday – Blake Passmore

Blake Passmore

I’d like to formally introduce you to Blake Passmore. Blake is super fun, a big personality and an overall great guy. He is indefatigable and is out there climbing peaks in Glacier National Park and diligently documenting them so that others might enjoy them. What most people don’t see is the countless hours of putting all of the photos, GPS coordinates, maps, layout, etc into his amazing series Climb Glacier National Park, then getting it printed and distributing it himself.

As I’ve moved into having some products myself, he’s been very gracious to help me along my journey based upon what he’s learned. I help him out as well where I can. We even get out on the trail together such as when we climbed Iceberg Peak together for his Volume 3. We’ve also hit the road for our distribution tour and had a blast. You can find out about that by checking out the Jake ‘n Blake 2013 Western Montana Tour

Jake N Blake Beacon

As time has moved on, we are getting more and more associated together which I don’t mind a bit! The Flathead Beacon just recently ran an article about Jake and Blake which is super fun.

If you have ever looked up at Glacier’s towering peaks and thought them impossible to climb, I highly recommend you picking up Blake’s books and finding your first route. He’s done an amazing job and is continuing the legacy of books on climbing in Glacier National Park in grand style!

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