In Search of Ptarmigans on Piegan Pass

All across the alpine landscape of Glacier National Park, a high elevation grouse hides in plain site. After hiking all across Glacier I’d only seen a couple White-tailed Ptarmigans. Coincidentally, the couple that I’d seen were at Piegan Pass which was exactly where my buddy, Cory DeStein wanted to go. Cory had hiked with me[…]

Elizabeth Lake Spring 2014

I’ve always entered the Belly River area of Glacier National Park later in summer. Looking at the fields, I knew that the flowers would be beautiful and animals would be aplenty. One of my favorite waterfalls, Dawn Mist Falls, is one of the more powerful waterfalls as it is the entire Belly River pouring over[…]

Looking for Moose

Fishercap Lake

On Memorial Day my wife and I headed out to the Many Glacier valley in search of moose. My wife loves moose and, even though I was just there, I wanted to walk the Bullhead Lake trail to see if we could see a moose and check out how fast the snow was melting, besides,[…]

Many Glacier in May – 2013

As soon as roads start opening up in Glacier National Park, it’s fun to head on out and see what’s going on. In places like Many Glacier, you’ll find no crowds and animals that are looking for food as the long winter releases its icy grip. You’ll also find more snow than you probably were[…]

Blakiston Falls & Snowshoe Trail – Waterton Lakes National Park

The Blakiston Falls Trail starts right at the end of the Red Rock Parkway where there are bridges and interpretive signs for the three creeks that come together as one. A short walk up Blakiston Creek brings you to the lovely Blakiston Falls where there are two different vantage points. Beyond that, the trails meanders[…]