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  • Artists Paintpots

    Artists Paintpots

    Be prepared for stark white mud pots and strikingly colored pools at Artists Paintpots near Norris in Yellowstone National Park. This short trail leads to a loop that goes up and hillside and back down, circling a wonderful collection of hydrothermal features. I’d been exploring all over Yellowstone throughout the day and this was my […]

  • Norris Geyser Basin

    Norris Geyser Basin

    Norris Geyser Basin is one of the more active hydrothermal areas in Yellowstone National Park. It features two basins full of pools, geysers, steaming vents, springs, mud pots and creeks that flow over brightly colored extremophiles. From the white porcelain basin to the more spread out back basin, it’s a hydrothermal lovers dream. Instead of parking at […]

  • Ice Lake, Wolf Lake, and Grebe Lake

    Ice Lake, Wolf Lake, and Grebe Lake

    In between Norris and Canyon in Yellowstone National Park lies a string of beautiful lakes that vary in size and surrounding habitat. The trail connecting them roughly follows the Gibbon River on a nice trail allowing you to visit Ice Lake, Wolf Lake, and Grebe Lake with a short shuttle in between. Cascade Lake can […]

  • Grizzly Lake

    Grizzly Lake

    The long, beautiful Grizzly Lake in Yellowstone National Park sits nestled between two, lodgepole pine covered ridges. These surrounding pines are spaced out in a way that gives you nice vantages and are interrupted by meadows. The birding is great and the lake has a great shoreline to grab a snack. You also might find […]

  • Cascade Creek Trail

    Cascade Creek Trail

    The Cascade Creek Trail in Yellowstone National Park loosely follows Cascade Creek through forest and meadows to the Cascade Lake Trail. It’s a slightly longer alternate to Cascade Lake, very level, and offers a little less than the shorter, Cascade Lake Trail. The Cascade Creek Trail takes off from the Norris-Canyon Road just west of […]