Cascade Creek Trail

The Cascade Creek Trail in Yellowstone National Park loosely follows Cascade Creek through forest and meadows to the Cascade Lake Trail. It’s a slightly longer alternate to Cascade Lake, very level, and offers a little less than the shorter, Cascade Lake Trail.

The Cascade Creek Trail takes off from the Norris-Canyon Road just west of Norris Junction. It travels through a lovely, wide open meadow frequented by elk and bison. At the end of the meadow, it enters the trees where is spends the rest of the time traveling through a level forest with occasional views of the creek.

You see pocket meadows along the way which open up the closer you get to the Cascade Lake Trail. Almost at the junction, you come to a large meadow where you actually see people walking on the other trail, then duck into the trees, cross over the creek and join up with the other trail.

This route is about a half mile longer each direction than the Cascade Lake Trail and not as interesting. This makes the other trail a more compelling option if you’re heading to Cascade Lake or Observation Peak, although this trail is a pleasant walk with loads of wildflowers in spring and early summer.

Mountain Dandelion

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