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  • Bowman Lake Ski 2023

    Bowman Lake Ski 2023

    In the warm air of the summer, a rough dirt road takes you to the sparkling shores of the bustling Bowman Lake. In the winter, however, the road is gated and only those on skis and snowshoes make it to the lake. The sparkle of the water is replaced by snow and the noise of […]

  • Glacier View – Fall 2021

    Glacier View – Fall 2021

    This blog is part of a six part series of hikes in and around the Whitefish area in coordination with Explore Whitefish. Check out their website at https://explorewhitefish.com to find out more ways to explore the area, things to do, places to stay, and how you can recreate responsibly while visiting. While we’ve only been […]

  • Rocky Point Nature Trail 2021

    Rocky Point Nature Trail 2021

    Just west of Apgar, tucked behind the Fish Creek Campground and Picnic Area, lies a short hike to a unique vantage of Lake McDonald. This short, lollipop-shaped loop takes you through both mature and recently burned forests, along creeks, and out to rocky outcroppings. The Rocky Point Nature Trail does have a short section of […]

  • Numa Ridge Lookout – Spring 2019

    Numa Ridge Lookout – Spring 2019

    May in Glacier National Park doesn’t have many opportunities to get into the higher elevation. Numa Ridge Lookout is one glorious exception. Kristen and I were able to hike all the way up to the lookout with snow just near the top. We were treated to flowers, birds, and epic views. The forecast for the […]

  • Table Mountain

    Table Mountain

    Table Mountain boasts incredible views of the Grand Tetons. It’s summit sits on the boundary of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness and Grand Teton National Park, but the trail itself comes in from the Idaho side and is entirely in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness area. Regardless, for fans of Grand Teton National Park, it’s a hike […]

  • Spring Hiking up Glacier View

    Spring Hiking up Glacier View

    In the early season, I can’t wait to get out hiking, especially into the high country of Glacier National Park. The deep snow keeps me from doing so, but there are a few sneaky-great options like the hike up Glacier View along the Demers Ridge Trail in the Flathead National Forest. It features early season […]

  • Amphitheater Lake & Garnet Canyon

    Amphitheater Lake & Garnet Canyon

    The trail from the Lupine Meadows Trailhead in Grand Teton National Park forks to two wonderful alpine destinations. The north fork heads to a pair of beautiful alpine lakes tucked beneath the rugged, rocky summits, Amphitheater Lake and Surprise Lake, while the south fork wraps around and up into Garnet Canyon. This canyon is a […]

  • Ski to Covey Meadow 2017

    Ski to Covey Meadow 2017

    With the warmer weather up here in northwestern Montana, we knew that the snow might be a bit crusty. We were feeling the winter cabin fever, however, and the bluebird day called us up the long drive to Polebridge to do a little ski to Covey Meadow along the Inside North Fork Road. After a […]

  • Rogers Meadow 2016

    Rogers Meadow 2016

    Rogers Meadow in Glacier National Park is a seldom visited meadow where Camas Creek slows to a meandering crawl. After noticing that the Inside North Fork Road was open to Camas Creek and the sun was shining, we decided to make Christensen Meadow and Rogers Meadow our destination. The Inside North Fork Road is a […]

  • Walk-in Backcountry Permits of Glacier National Park

    Walk-in Backcountry Permits of Glacier National Park

    It’s easy to get excited about backpacking in Glacier National Park’s backcountry, but obtaining a walk-in permit can be a bit stressful and tricky. Here are a few tips and tricks to help out. (Resources below the video.) Anyone who backpacks in Glacier National Park needs a backcountry permit. They come in two flavors: advanced […]