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  • Numa Ridge Lookout – Spring 2019

    Numa Ridge Lookout – Spring 2019

    May in Glacier National Park doesn’t have many opportunities to get into the higher elevation. Numa Ridge Lookout is one glorious exception. Kristen and I were able to hike all the way up to the lookout with snow just near the top. We were treated to flowers, birds, and epic views. The forecast for the…

  • Numa Ridge Lookout Trail 2013

    Numa Ridge Lookout Trail 2013

    Headed up to Numa Ridge Lookout on a fine June day with my wife and TJ Fallon. The weather threatened, but never followed through and gave us wonderful clouds to compliment the views from the top. Numa Ridge Lookout sits below Numa Peak and gives you views down at Akakola Lake on the north side…

  • Numa Ridge Lookout

    Numa Ridge Lookout

    A hike that starts out with the beautiful Bowman Lake with Rainbow Peak in the background has promises of being amazing and Numa Ridge Lookout does not disappoint. You gradually ascend through forest that houses many birds and wildflowers near the lake. As you get higher, the forest begins to open up and the views…