Rainbow Peak

Numa Ridge Lookout

A hike that starts out with the beautiful Bowman Lake with Rainbow Peak in the background has promises of being amazing and Numa Ridge Lookout does not disappoint.

You gradually ascend through forest that houses many birds and wildflowers near the lake. As you get higher, the forest begins to open up and the views continue to get better until you reach the lookout which affords great views of the towering peaks to the north and east, Bowman Lake below you and the North Fork valley to the West.

If you don’t mind gaining elevation, this hike rewards you for your efforts.

Numa Ridge Lookout
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20 responses to “Numa Ridge Lookout”

  1. Great video, thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Was the lookout manned (or womanned) yet?

    I’m liking the little postscripts- kind of like outtakes after a movie.

    Plus- you have some new fans in Florida. One of them was once a lookout himself (like me).

    1. hike734 Avatar

      The lookout didn’t have anyone in it. The trail status still mentioned route-finding and such, but we found the trail to be almost all the way clear of snow. Also, glad you enjoy the outtakes. I’m always a fan of them at regular movies and usually have a little something that doesn’t quite fit in the main section but is fun to share.

  3. Bruce Bartle Avatar
    Bruce Bartle

    Hey Jake;

    Nice video of the Numa Lookout hike! Thanks for the heads up on the lack of water. That is something I was not aware of. We are doing the hike in early Sept and will plan accordingly.


    1. hike734 Avatar

      Let me know when you finish the hike. I’d love to see pics of it at different times of the year!

  4. Tiffany T. Avatar
    Tiffany T.

    Bowman is my favorite area to visit. We always devote one day to it when visiting Glacier. Thank you for posting this video because we are now adding Numa Ridge to our list!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Sweet!! It is a beauty for sure. One thing I love about the lookouts on the west side of the park is that you get out of the trees (and a reason that I’m a fan of the east side because the treeline is lower).

  5. frederica johnson Avatar
    frederica johnson

    planning to do numa ridge next year. so glad that you recommend it. enjoyed the video

  6. Sandy Juenke Avatar
    Sandy Juenke

    Loved the video. Planning to do Kintla Lake trail next year.

  7. Nice video… I met my husband at Numa Lookout 17 years ago today!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Woohoo!! One of the funny things is I keep having people email me about how they met their spouse at or around the Park. Makes me happy. 😀

  8. kelly kralicek Avatar
    kelly kralicek

    Wow… brings back some great memories. That just might be my favorite “corner” of the park. Bowman and Kintla lakes are truly special….

    1. hike734 Avatar

      They are! I have to admit that I’m sort of a view junky, so I tend to hold that against the treed walks of the North Fork, but they make up for themselves when you get into the alpine. (of course it’s always sweeter when you have to earn it right?)

  9. Greg Beaumont Avatar
    Greg Beaumont

    We were lookouts in 1966. Can’t stress enough TO CARRY YOUR OWN WATER! had to disappoint many a thirsty hiker, since the both of us lived FOR EVERYTHING on 40 gallons for two weeks. Try that sometime.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Ha! And on that lookout nonetheless!! It was toasty when I was up there. I saw a couple of folks hiking up there with a little 20oz bottle of water which only strengthened my resolve to pass the word. Any other tidbits of advice?

  10. Greg Beaumont Avatar
    Greg Beaumont

    Yes. From below, announce “Permission to ascend.” Even a lookout, trained in spotting far-off things, can miss something close at hand. Courtesy is always the answer.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Ha! That’s another sweet one. Yep, it’s your home for the summer, not ours right? 😉

  11. I attempted this trail yesterday without enough water and carrying a bunch of camera gear. I made it to the first left hand switchback before turning around and heading back due to a lack of water. I took several miles before I had any water again. I can’t stress enough, Jake is right, BRING WATER!

    That switchback is at 6000 feet according to my GPS and the trees were just thin enough to make the hike worth it.

    I will return next year, and I WILL conquer this hill.

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