Bowman Lake

Numa Ridge Lookout Trail 2013

Headed up to Numa Ridge Lookout on a fine June day with my wife and TJ Fallon. The weather threatened, but never followed through and gave us wonderful clouds to compliment the views from the top.

Numa Ridge Lookout sits below Numa Peak and gives you views down at Akakola Lake on the north side of the ridge and the gorgeous Bowman Lake on the south side of the ridge. Massive peaks visible are Reuter Peak, Kintla Peak, Rainbow Peak, Mount Carter and Square Peak. We watched a bald eagle crest over the ridge and saw (but mostly heard) tons of little forest birds with a Northern Harrier in the dead silver trees along the North Fork road on the way home. Early season brings loads of wildflowers and we thoroughly enjoyed them up and down.

Summer’s here and we’re loving it!

Visit the full blog on the Numa Ridge Trail here and don’t forget to pack your own water.

Numa Ridge Lookout
Arrowleaf Balsamroot

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