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  • Cygnet Lakes

    Cygnet Lakes

    Cygnet Lakes in Yellowstone National Park is a lake at the end of a large meadow reached by four miles of level hiking through lodgepole stands. Due to the marshy edges of the lakes, you can’t get very close and many visitors may find the day better spent going to other lakes. The trail to […]

  • Lost Lake Loop

    Lost Lake Loop

    Lost Lake Loop in the Tower-Roosevelt area of Yellowstone National Park offers a variety of habitat including a quaint lake, open sagebrush meadows, and older coniferous forests. This variety leads to a great collection of wildlife including antelope, bison, bears, birds and wonderful wildflowers in the spring. The sun danced in and out of the […]

  • Fountain Paint Pots

    Fountain Paint Pots

    Fountain Paint Pots in Yellowstone National Park is a short, accessible, family friendly walk along mats of microbes featuring sapphire blue pools, boiling water, and the mud pots that give this area its name. Depending upon the time of year you come, the mud pots will look different based upon the amount of water in […]

  • Midway Geyser Basin

    Midway Geyser Basin

    Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park features the iconic Grand Prismatic and it’s vast orange mats. All along this busy boardwalk are beautiful, deep blue pools that culminate to this natural wonder. All of this is backdropped by rising columns of steam across a desolate flat. If you want to stop at the Midway […]

  • Beaver Ponds Trail

    Beaver Ponds Trail

    The Beaver Ponds Trail in Yellowstone National Park offers a nice combination of open grasslands and forest. This mixture gives you great opportunities to see elk, small mammals, and a wide variety of other birds. Overall, it’s a great hike to do near the Mammoth Hot Springs area. In the spring, much of Yellowstone National […]

  • Mammoth Terraces

    Mammoth Terraces

    Mammoth Terraces in Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic collection of hot springs that are, well, terraced. Travertine is the main feature bringing an artificial looking landscaping to the edge of the forest. A collection of boardwalk and paved paths weave around these features giving everyone in the family a chance to marvel at these […]

  • Yellowstone is coming

    Yellowstone is coming

    Contained within the borders of Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find a mind-blowing variety of terrain and geology. These two million acres feature incredible grasslands, high peaks, vast Yellowstone Lake, waterfalls, rivers, and of course, the crazy geothermals. This is all home to the mega-fauna such as bison, bear, wolves, deer, and antelope, to name a few. […]

  • Feels good to be back home

    Feels good to be back home

    After a couple months of hiking in Yellowstone National Park, I’m finally back home. While Yellowstone is amazing, I still need my Glacier National Park fix. It’s also fall around here and the colors are changing quite dramatically and both Kristen and I wanted to see Glacier in her new clothes. Another development has been […]

  • Back to Yellowstone

    Back to Yellowstone

    I’m about ready to head south again. As smoke from innumerable fires both inside and out of Glacier fill the skies, I’m thankful that I’m spending September in Yellowstone National Park. My blogging has slowed as I’ve doubled down on my hiking, but that will bring hiking blogs all throughout the offseason. Yellowstone is a […]

  • Yellowstone National Park Announcement

    Yellowstone National Park Announcement

    While primarily known as a “driving park”, Yellowstone National Park has some great hiking as well and I’m about ready to dive in. I’m beginning work on my third Day Hike Map and am incredibly excited. Yellowstone has over 1,000 miles of trail and, while I won’t be hiking all of them, I’ll be knocking […]