Wraith Falls

Wraith Falls in Yellowstone National Park is a short, mostly level trail that takes you past open meadows to an overlook of the falls. The falls is a bit underwhelming compared to Yellowstone’s other falls, but the short hike and lovely flowers in early summer make it worth the effort.

A quick stop in late June to Wraith Falls had me walking through meadows blanketed in sticky geraniums and a wide variety of other flowers. From the signed trailhead, the trail takes off through open meadows near Lava Creek. You follow Lupine Creek and cross over it near the few trees along the trail. After one switchback, you get to the overlook for the falls. It’s more of a sheet of water over rough rock instead of a cascade through boulders or some vertical falls. It’s unique and interesting, but not the most compelling waterfall.

The wide open views and flowers are nice and it’s great for the family.

Sticky Geranium

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