Josephine Lake Trail

Lake Josephine Trail

Starting on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake at the Many Glacier Hotel, the Lake Josephine trail wanders along the south shores of the Many Glacier lakes. After Swiftcurrent Lake, you hike past Lake Josephine and finally Grinnell Lake. You can continue up the ridge past Grinnell Lake and join up with the Piegan Pass trail and view the beautiful Feather Plume Falls. Moose frequent the area as well as bears. I was fortunate enough to see a cow moose as well as a host of birds and wildflowers. These beautiful lakes are surrounded by magnificent peaks and waterfalls. A fairly level hike, it can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone and can be shortened by taking a ferry.

Josephine Lake Trail

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4 responses to “Lake Josephine Trail”

  1. Sally Estes Avatar
    Sally Estes

    I wonder if that’s the same bear my husband saw (and I heard) at the boat dock near the far end of Swiftcurrent just a few days after you shot this vid. Yes, it’s a really quiet trail. We didn’t see many people and we had just arrived at the park after a couple travel days. We were just out for a stroll and didn’t have our bear spray with us. Freaked us out, but the bear barely noticed us and just kept on foraging!
    Thank you again for sharing your adventure with us:)

    1. I saw this one as I was driving out. He was on the side of the road opposite of Lake Sherburne. That being said, it easily could have been. Those bears wander a lot!

  2. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    What were your totals for the summer for grizzly, black bear, and moose?

    1. Not sure for all of them. I’ll have to count. If I only count what I saw on the trail, I saw 6 grizzlies… I’ll have to validate the other two critters.

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