Echo Canyon

Echo Canyon Reflections

Echo Canyon isn’t really an official destination, but I think it should be. The steep hike up into this amazing slot canyon in Zion National Park is a wonderful place to explore whether you intend on hiking all the way up to Observation Point or not. Be careful not to be on this trail if it starts raining, however, as you could find yourself in a world of hurt.

Another great hike we made while distributing the Day Hikes of Zion National Park Map last spring was up to Echo Canyon. Last time we’d gone through it was between downpours, so we were trying to quickly get through it before it started flash flooding again. This time it was dry and fantastic.

Echo Canyon

You begin at the Weeping Rock trailhead and work your way up through the switchbacks getting a bird’s eye view down on Weeping Rock and the Virgin River. The walls to the west are amazing and Angels Landing stands in front of you. Eventually, you duck into the canyon and start working your way up. The twisting, layered, red rock is incredibly beautiful. The canyon’s depths will take your breath away.

The highlight of the canyon is where you walk through a sort of tunnel hewn from the rock with the canyon just off the trail descending into darkness. From here, the trail pops out into a wonderful open area with tall walls. Turn around when you want.

We went in the evening and had the canyon pretty much to ourselves. In the heat of the day, it can be a very popular place with those going just to the canyon or all the way up to Observation Point. Look for a wide variety of birds and various flowers blooming throughout the year. Along the wooded shoulders, you may even spot a rabbit or deer.

Be aware of the weather as a flash flood could be fatal.

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