Mosquito Pond

Howe Ridge Trail

Howe Ridge Trail runs from the Fish Creek area to the Trout Lake Trailhead along the west shore of Lake McDonald in Glacier. Both ends of the trail are well maintained, however, there is a 6 mile stretch that requires some serious route-finding.

My friend Philip Granrud joined me on this one and braved the route, mosquitos and sketchy trail for the gems we found. Included on this blog are numerous flowers and birds including a Northern Hawk-Owl and a Red-tailed Hawk.

Howe Ridge Trail

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2 responses to “Howe Ridge Trail”

  1. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Good to have you back after almost a 2 week absence!! I get the feeling you’re going to mention mosquitoes more this summer than Lewis and Clark (who spelled mosquito about 50 different ways).

    Nice job on the flowers again- I am really enjoying learning new species. Ladyslipper- beautiful!

    Going to the Sun opens on Wed.- you can finally get into the high country!! (but might need snowshoes until August).

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Yeah, we can drive there, but hiking is a different deal. 😉 I’m going to redo my schedule a bit. When I did it, it was a little blind as I wasn’t sure how things were going to melt. More videos coming. Harrison Lake is next.

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