Snyder Ridge Trail

Snyder Ridge

The Snyder Ridge Trail starts near the Apgar Village on the east side of Lake McDonald with a humble trailhead and runs along the eastern shore parallel to Lake McDonald. The trail crosses the Lincoln Lake trail and eventually intersects the Sperry/Gunsight trail and empties at Lake McDonald Lodge. Trail starts out gaining elevation where you’ll end up gaining somewhere around 2500 feet throughout the day as you wander through a mixture of cedar rainforest stands to more lodgepole type forests.

Mostly a walk in the trees with limited views of surrounding hills and lakes. Fish Lake is a nice change and the occasional creek breaks the walk up nicely. Keep an eye out for many wildflowers and critters. There is also a potential to see some larger game as a lot of sign was observed.

The trail isn’t maintained as much as others due to its lack of use, so if you go early season, give yourself plenty of extra time to navigate downfall.

Snyder Ridge

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3 responses to “Snyder Ridge”

  1. A walk in the woods beats a day in the office anyday Jake!

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Agreed! (see how spoiled I’ve become?) 😉

  2. Sally Estes Avatar
    Sally Estes

    Yep, exactly what Jane said!!! Also wanted to say that I LOVE trillium!!! It’s one nice flower that I get to see in my dumpy local park here in Illinois, but just in a short window of time.

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