Johns Lake Trail

The hike extending from the Sperry trailhead by Lake McDonald Lodge to the Avalanche Lake trailhead covers some fantastic lush undergrowth through the low areas of the West Glacier area. It travels past the small quiet John’s Lake and makes up part of the Johns Lake Loop which is a great short hike right off of the Going to the Sun Road. Enjoy the video and look for the surprise at the end.

The GPS data below looks like it hiccuped on one part that leaves a little gap around Johns Lake, but it was only because I zoomed out.

John's Lake Trail
Tunnel under Going to the Sun Road by McDonald Creek

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7 responses to “Johns Lake Trail”

  1. fun jake! nice job =)

  2. Scott Avatar

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    Try counting one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two as you pan. You’re making us dizzy! I liked the trillium photo (also known as wakerobin I think)- one of the earliest of spring flowers in MT. It prefers the wet areas.

  4. Appreciated you finding nice things to say about John’s Lake (good attitudes are refreshing!) Anytime we see cars parked there we can’t resist saying “Oh those poor people” and then we laugh.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Sometimes you have to hike what you can. It’s not as grand as the other places in the park, but it’s a nice shaded walk with a quaint lake. 😀

  5. Do the trail have colored blazes?

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Nope, but they’re really easy to follow and the signage is great.

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