Looking for Moose

Fishercap Lake

On Memorial Day my wife and I headed out to the Many Glacier valley in search of moose. My wife loves moose and, even though I was just there, I wanted to walk the Bullhead Lake trail to see if we could see a moose and check out how fast the snow was melting, besides, she’d never been there. The last time Kristen was in the Many Glacier area, it was for Grinnell Glacier and we saw five moose and two of them were fighting. You can see all of that on the Grinnell Glacier blog post.

We hiked to Redrock Falls and didn’t see any moose in either Fishercap Lake or Redrock Lake. The weather was looking ominous, so we headed back and decided to swing by Fishercap Lake for one more look and ended up seeing a moose!

On the drive out, we ended up seeing two more moose and a sow griz with three cubs as well as a bunch of mountain goats and bighorn sheep. Overall, a sweet day!

Common Loon

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  1. You’re tireless enthusiasm kindles mine. Actually working on making the move to the area this summer. I need more Park time, more MT time, and my wife and I finally acting on it.

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