Lunch Tree Hill

The splendid view from the lawn of Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park looks across Willow Flats and Jackson Lake up to the stately Tetons. A short trail heads up Lunch Tree Hill to the north which only improves the view as you travel through the sagebrush.

Jackson Lake Lodge has an incredible view. Let’s just start out with that. We exited the wonderful building to the west lawn to the breathtaking view. It overlooks Willow Flats with its amazing habitat. Beyond that, the enormous Jackson Lake sprawls out at the base of the stately Tetons.

There was a bit of a haze as some fires in the area burned, but it hardly detracted from the wonderful view. We crossed the lawn to its northwest corner and the start of the Lunch Tree Hill. This loop goes partway up the hill, passing through the sagebrush meadows.

Along the gentle grade up, we passed numerous interpretive displays and enjoyed the view as we gained some elevation. At the top of the loop, a large rock held a plaque commemorated the efforts of John D. Rockefeller and told of how he enjoyed coming to this spot.

Before continuing on the loop that returned to the lodge via the east side of the hill, we followed the popular social trail that continued along the edge of the hill. We spotted some Elk foraging and later, a huge bull Moose. At the top of the hill, the trail begins to come into trees. A nice vantage down to some ponds become visible.

Beyond the apex of the hill, the trail begins descending into the trees and dead ends. If we were going to do it all over again, we’d stop at the top and return.

Once we got back to the rock, we continued on the paved loop through some wonderful aspens, past more interpretive signs talking about them, and wrapped around back to the lodge.

If you’re visiting Grand Teton National Park, it’s worth the stop to visit the Jackson Lake Lodge. Make sure that you head out to the lawn and enjoy the view. Of course a walk up Lunch Tree Hill is a lovely stroll… and it truly does make for a wonderful spot for lunch.

Tetons from Lunch Tree Hill

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