Many Glacier in May – 2013

As soon as roads start opening up in Glacier National Park, it’s fun to head on out and see what’s going on. In places like Many Glacier, you’ll find no crowds and animals that are looking for food as the long winter releases its icy grip. You’ll also find more snow than you probably were expecting. Thankfully we had snowshoes and a perfectly sunny day. Couple that with sitings of Bighorn Sheep, a Mountain Goat, a Moose and some birds and we went home with smiles and sunburns.

I went with my friend TJ Fallon who is working on his project Hiking for Diabetes. This was his first outing for the project and I couldn’t be more excited for him and his project. He talked about our day on his blog here.

Many Glacier in May - 2013
Bighorn Sheep

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