Pelican Creek Nature Trail

The Pelican Creek Nature Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful, family-friendly trail to a sandy beach along the north shore of Yellowstone Lake. This short, level walk through the trees follows along Pelican Creek as it empties into the lake.

The Pelican Creek Nature Trail is located just west of the bridge over Pelican Creek. The trail starts out overlooking the slow moving creek as it empties into the vast Yellowstone Lake. This is a great place to look for a wide variety of waterfowl from grebes to teals to pelicans.

The trail loosely follows along the creek on a slight ridge above it and travels through an airy forest. Wildflowers and small birds and mammals are easily seen through here. After a short walk, you pop out of the trees to a large shoreline overlooking the lake. You really get a sense of the size of the lake from here and it is breathtaking. Continue the loop back around for a little variety back to your car.

The Pelican Creek Nature Trail is a popular trail, but gets quiet around sunset and is a perfect time to visit. You’ll have the lake at its best and all by yourself.

Western Grebe

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