Storm Point Nature Trail

The Storm Point Nature Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a nice level trails featuring open meadows, a pond, a beautiful bay, and a fantastic rocky outcrop overlooking the stellar Yellowstone Lake.

The Storm Point Nature Trail is located east of Fishing Bridge and starts at Indian Pond. These broad meadows are amazing wildflower meadows in the spring and early summer while the pond itself is popular with waterfowl. Keep your eyes peeled for bison and deer in these meadows as well.

The trail takes you along the pond where there is a junction for the loop that heads out to Storm Point. Take a right to head through a nice forest. While it’s not the most exciting part of the trip, the forest is nice and has a fine collection of small forest birds, grouse, and small mammals such as chipmunks and tree squirrels.

After a brief stint through the forest, the trees begin to open up through a series of hydrothermal areas with a distinct smell of sulfur. This transitions to the meadows along the shoreline and the wide expanse of Yellowstone Lake. This is where the Storm Point Nature Trail really shines. The walk along the shore sits above the water. Below you, hydrothermal activity creates a strange sandy shoreline, then boulders and the clear lake itself.

The lake stretches out and looks amazing from the actual rocky point while swallows flit around eating the bugs from the sky. (remember to bring bug spray) From there the trail heads back, this time taking you along Mary Bay. This section of trail is through the trees, but you can see the bay which is another great spot to spy more waterfowl. Keep an eye out for bison and other megafauna through this section. After crossing a little bridge and another meadow, the trail comes to the junction near Indian Pond.

Make sure that you are always aware of where the bison are in this area, keep your distance, and never turn your back to them. Bison can be very dangerous.


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