Pitamakan Dawson 2014

Pitamakan Lake

The loop in Glacier National Park that travels through both Pitamakan Pass and Dawson Pass is one of my favorites, if not my very favorite. One is almost guaranteed to see big game, gorgeous lakes, four separate drainages and a ridge walk that’s unparalleled in the Park. The excuse was a mountain goat survey, as if one is ever needed.

The original plan was to hike up to Triple Divide but, someone had already claimed that survey site. We decided to take a walk up to Pitamakan Pass instead and finish out the loop. The day was overcast and we got drizzled on a little bit. I’ve been up on those passes when the weather is super nasty. This was not one of those days. It was moody, but not nasty. Had we gone all “fair weather” and turned around, we would have missed a black bear, a couple of herds of bighorn sheep, random goats, wonderful birds, flowers and a few rodents.

Kristen got a little cold during the hour long survey and we both ended up with some soggy feet, but this trip never disappoints.

Cow Moose with Calves

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7 responses to “Pitamakan Dawson 2014”

  1. Another great Hike from Jake and Kristen.
    Even on a gloomy day GNP is special place.
    Texas gang is headed to Montana in about one week and will be on the trails soon.

  2. Mike Kinsella Avatar
    Mike Kinsella

    More kudos to Kristen- although that hike is beautiful, it is also a very long trek to do in one day. I hope you had mercy on her and caught the boat. Or have the boats shut down for the season? Without the boat it’s 18 miles!! Kristen- you are my hiking idol!

    1. We didn’t make the boat, but really weren’t planning on it. She’s a better hiker than I am!

  3. Did this one last year, the right way:) One of our favorites. We like to chop it up and savor with a camp at Oldman and a camp at No Name.

    1. The right way? Ha! I’ve never backpacked it. I’ve only stayed at No Name Lake when we climbed Flinsch.

  4. Jake, what day did you hike this? Looks very similar to the conditions we had backpacking from No Name to Oldman on August 17.
    The wildflowers were amazing then.

    1. Ahhh, now I see your date. It was a week to the day from when we were there.

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