Two Medicine

Scenic Point

The trail to Scenic Point starts just before you get to the turnoff for the campground at Two Medicine. Most people hike up to Scenic Point and back to their cars, while others figure out a shuttle system and hike the rest of the way into East Glacier. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

The Scenic Point trail is one that goes up and up. You start out in some trees and quickly leave them about the same time you can look down onto Appistoki Falls as Appistoki Creek tumbles among the rocks below. While the flowers on this trail grow low to the ground, they are many, varied and colorful. The views are incredible and get better with every step. Once at the saddle, things get a whole lot easier and give you that “top of the world” feeling. While at this saddle, keep an eye out for bighorn sheep as they like to got from one side to the other right here. Keep traveling on up to Scenic Point and check off one of Glacier’s summits and get a beautiful view right between the long plains that last forever eastward and how they crash into the mountains looking west. The view into Lower Two Medicine is breathtaking as you literally looking straight down. Two Medicine Lake is tucked away at the base of towering Rising Wolf which is joined by a sea of other massive peaks.

If you decide to head on down to the other side, expect to go from alpine, to scrub trees to plains mixed with aspen groves. Once you leave the disciplined trail system of Glacier National Park, things get a bit adventurous as you head through the Blackfeet Reservation. Remember that you need a Blackfeet Conservation Permit if you hike on Blackfeet land. After you pass a swampy area, look for the fork in the road where the road goes to the left and a trail goes to the right which is marked by a post that used to carry a sign that would no doubt be helpful now. This will take you into East Glacier.

Scenic Point

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6 responses to “Scenic Point”

  1. You mentioned this entry during your talk at REI. Since I grew up in Cut Bank, this area is the most familiar. Loved ‘hiking’ it with you. Will put it on my list : )

    Thanks for sharing the adventure!

    1. You won’t be disappointed! Keep an eye out for bighorn sheep up there. There is a little saddle right when the hiking gets level where the sheep like to travel. Good chance to see them down below as well… well that’s for the rams. I have seen ewes and lambs on the east face of Appistoki as well.

  2. Anna Lang Avatar
    Anna Lang

    Is this a good hike to do during the early season (late May)?

    1. hike734 Avatar

      Yes! There is one section that does have some persistent snow, but it’s usually safely navigable. Even if you can’t make it all the way to the point itself, it’s still a wonderful and rewarding hike. Talk to a ranger before you go on it to find out conditions as well as checking out the trail status report here:

      I know it sounds like self promotion, but consider getting my day hike map. That time of year can be tricky to find a hike and I have a few things on there to help you find great hikes early on!

      1. Anna Lang Avatar
        Anna Lang

        I actually have the map and have hiked/ridden about 90 miles of trails in the park, but every time I’m wondering if this hike is a good early season hike, I’m not around it.

        1. hike734 Avatar

          Sweet x2! I love this as an early season hike. Especially getting to see the Bighorn sheep there. 😀

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