Tall Trees Grove

The Tall Trees Grove in Redwoods National Park is a nice loop to some incredibly tall redwoods. The overall hike is 4.5miles and loses, then gains 800ft as it travels through a great forest, then down to Redwood Creek where it loops through these behemoths.

In order to hike this trail, you have to get a free permit at one of the visitor centers. They’ll give you a permit and the combination for the lock at the gate. This helps keep both car and foot traffic down as the road is a one lane road and the parking lot isn’t huge.

The trail starts off in a wonderful forest and you drop down 800ft in a little over a mile. Through this stretch of the woods, the redwoods aren’t as big as below, but they still are fantastic. Trees and shrubs create arches across some of the trail while other sections let you look deep into the forest. Keep an eye out for Banana Slugs and Yellow-spotted millipedes.

Once at the bottom, the trail travels a bit, then loops. You can take a little side trip over to Redwood Creek, then continue on the loop in the actual Tall Trees Grove. These trees are massive and delightful. Some trees are growing out of old trees that have fallen and it’s amazing to see some of the fire scars in the trees still alive. Moss and ferns are everywhere. Particularly interesting is when both are found growing on trees. Some maple looking trees are draped in the moss which is beautiful.

Wildflowers are incredible in this area. Wild Douglas’ Irises and Rhododendrons were highlights on our trip.

After the loop, we headed back up the slope up to our car.

Tall Trees Grove trail

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