Feature Friday – Floral Park Traverse by Alex Blondeau

This isn’t the first time I’ve put up a video by Alex. (Send me fun videos and I just might post them!) This time he comes to Glacier National Park to hike the Floral Park Traverse. This part on-trail and part off-trail trip is one that’s been on my bucket list and I’ve just not[…]

Feature Friday – Goes bump in the night

I love to hear Glacier National Park trip stories and Nicole Whittington has a doozy. Here’s her story in her own words. Make sure you check out her trip pictures on Flickr. “We didn’t end up getting to the park and thus the back country office until around 9 and when we tried to switch,[…]

Feature Friday – Blake Passmore

I’d like to formally introduce you to Blake Passmore. Blake is super fun, a big personality and an overall great guy. He is indefatigable and is out there climbing peaks in Glacier National Park and diligently documenting them so that others might enjoy them. What most people don’t see is the countless hours of putting[…]

Feature Friday – TJ Fallon

One of the greatest things about my project has been the people that I’ve met. TJ followed me on my journey in 2011 and contacted me about hitting the trail together. We ended up finally hiking together on Loon Day last year where we ended up seeing 8 loons (6 all together in Trout Lake). This[…]

Feature Friday – Glacier County Honey Co.

Today’s Feature Friday is on a sweet family based out of Babb, Montana. Greg, Courtney and Maggie Rose run a beekeeping operation just outside of Glacier National Park. They produce (well, technically speaking, their bees produce) a nice light honey that is delicious! The other day, I was running out of honey and had heard[…]

Feature Friday – The Skyline Experience

I got this email from a Mr. Alex Blondeau who has introduced me to a route that I now want to do called the Skyline Experience. It’s an off-trail experience that starts out at the Cracker Lake trailhead, crosses Canyon Creek, climbs Wynn Mountain, then Cracker, then Mt. Siyeh, then descends down into the Cataract[…]