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  • Winter is not for hibernating

    Winter is not for hibernating

    I’m often asked if winter is the slow time of year for me. I’m definitely not running around like I am in the spring (product distribution), summer, and fall (hiking). I am, however, busy editing blogs, making the actual topo maps, and writing trail descriptions. It kind of reminds me of seeing birds like the […]

  • Hike 734 Give Back 2017

    Hike 734 Give Back 2017

    As many of you know, in 2011, my project was to hike all of Glacier National Park’s trails in one summer. In that summer, Glacier saw over 1.8 million visitors. Over the ensuing years, that number has continued to grow. Last year, it was over 2.9 million. That’s an increase of over 59%! Anyone who […]

  • Back down to Yosemite National Park

    Back down to Yosemite National Park

    As the sun was setting in western Montana, my plane was rising up to the colorful clouds. Time to once again head back down to Yosemite National Park. I’ve been back and forth all summer long as I work on my latest day hike map. Yosemite is a wonderful park and I hope this map […]

  • Hello Yosemite!

    Hello Yosemite!

    After a long drive down to California, I finally made it to Yosemite National Park. I arrived in Yosemite Valley mid-morning on Saturday which was poor planning on my part. This place is crazy! (Both in scenery and the amount of people.) Anyway, I’m starting to get my bearing. Looking forward to exploring this amazing […]

  • Memorial Day – 2017

    Memorial Day – 2017

    My grandfather fought in World War II like so many of what is known as the “Greatest Generation”. When he came back, he resumed his life like so many others. He was a husband, my mom’s father, and a pharmacist. My family is not a “military family” in the least, but I was raised with great […]

  • Spring 2017 Transitions

    Spring 2017 Transitions

    The world is always transitioning, even when it feels static. In the middle of winter, transition is happening, but it feels just like, well, winter. Spring and fall are notable as they are not only part of this perpetual transition, they feel like transitions. I spent last summer hiking Grand Teton National Park, and the fall […]

  • River Otter during the Kalispell Christmas Bird Count

    River Otter during the Kalispell Christmas Bird Count

    While driving and walking for the Kalispell Christmas Bird Count this year, we spotted a River Otter sitting on some ice. I watched it go under the water and walked over to get a closer look. It popped up on the water with lunch and I was able to video it chomping away on a […]

  • Starting Grand Teton National Park

    Starting Grand Teton National Park

    Any time I’ve mentioned that I’m heading down to Grand Teton National Park, the response is always, “It’s so beautiful there!” As we drove into the park and the mountains came into view at sunset, we felt like we were driving into a surreal painting. This week begins the hiking that I need to do […]

  • Logan Pass Opening 2016

    Logan Pass Opening 2016

    All 50 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are now open for 2016! While more snow than we had last year at this time, the snow is definitely disappearing fast. If you’re planning on hiking in the high country on such trails as the Highline, we still have some time before that melts out. I also drove down […]

  • Yellowstone is coming

    Yellowstone is coming

    Contained within the borders of Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find a mind-blowing variety of terrain and geology. These two million acres feature incredible grasslands, high peaks, vast Yellowstone Lake, waterfalls, rivers, and of course, the crazy geothermals. This is all home to the mega-fauna such as bison, bear, wolves, deer, and antelope, to name a few. […]