Spring 2017 Transitions

The world is always transitioning, even when it feels static. In the middle of winter, transition is happening, but it feels just like, well, winter. Spring and fall are notable as they are not only part of this perpetual transition, they feel like transitions.

I spent last summer hiking Grand Teton National Park, and the fall and winter turning it into one of my day hike maps. For me, spring has me getting that map back from the printer and getting ready to get it into your hands. I also am looking forward to the park that I’m about to tackle next (hint: Half Dome). The other piece is that I also am finishing up editing videos and photos from a park that I hiked two summers ago (Yellowstone National Park).

The long process of planning to hike the park, making the map, and finally publishing the blogs takes about two years.

It’s now the spring of 2017 and I just published my last Yellowstone National Park blog on Dunanda Falls. While I’ll be starting to post blogs of Grand Teton National Park, putting up the map for sale, and getting it out to the stores that carry it, I’ll also be planning on my next park, Yosemite National Park. I’m really looking forward to exploring this icon in the library of our national park system. Be on the lookout for my Grand Teton map and blog posts. You can follow me on social media throughout the summer to see snapshots of my adventures as I have them.

I hope you’ve got great plans this summer to get some dirt under your own feet. I know I can’t wait for the transition into summer.

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2 responses to “Spring 2017 Transitions”

  1. Chris R. Avatar

    Looking forward to the Teton videos!!

  2. Mike Wellington Avatar
    Mike Wellington


    I have used your maps in Glacier and enjoyed them very much. I have visited Yellow stone and Tetons as well and i love the way you go all in on learning about the trails and what there is to see. I have spent years going to Yosemite from out here in NH and I may offer you some advice on your “future” maps. Yosemite is at 185% snow level now so you will have to go late ignorer to get into the back country. The waterfalls will be at full force but there won’t be as many as Glacier. There are four parts to Yosemite: Hetch Hetchy region, Tuolumne Meadows and north, valley and the high country to the southeast. There are the big trees but I put them in with the valley. Can’t wait to see what you do with all that hiking. Mike

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