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  • Park Creek and Two Medicine Pass

    Park Creek and Two Medicine Pass

    I started out this trip by the Walton Ranger station entrance in the southeast corner of Glacier National Park. The long 14 mile walk up Park Creek to the Upper Park Creek patrol cabin and campground is a treed and non strenuous hike… just a bit boring with very limited views. Once you hit Upper […]

  • Huckleberry Lookout and Huckleberry Nature Trail

    Huckleberry Lookout and Huckleberry Nature Trail

    Just off of Camas Road in West Glacier is a trailhead for Huckleberry Lookout. Huckleberry Lookout is one of the few remaining staffed lookouts (some still stand, but aren’t staffed while others were dismantled or were destroyed by natural forces). The trail is 6 miles to the lookout with a nice even grade starting out […]

  • Akokala Lake

    Akokala Lake

    Akokala Lake is a quaint little lake tucked into the drainage just north of Bowman Lake. It can be accessed either from the more popular and well maintained trail from Bowman or as a longer more adventurous route from the Inside North Fork Road. The trail from Bowman is mostly wooded and goes over Numa […]

  • Quartz Lake Loop and Quartz Creek

    Quartz Lake Loop and Quartz Creek

    The trail for the Quartz Lakes begins at the foot of Bowman Lake in the northwest corner of the park and follows its south shore. It crosses over Quartz Ridge at two locations making for a nice loop that can be done as one big 13 mile day hike or a two day trip with […]

  • Lake Josephine Trail

    Lake Josephine Trail

    Starting on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake at the Many Glacier Hotel, the Lake Josephine trail wanders along the south shores of the Many Glacier lakes. After Swiftcurrent Lake, you hike past Lake Josephine and finally Grinnell Lake. You can continue up the ridge past Grinnell Lake and join up with the Piegan Pass trail […]

  • Beaver Pond

    Beaver Pond

    Out in the St. Mary area of Glacier National Park, there are a few trails with a bit of history. Starting at the 1913 Ranger Station cabin (which is near the old site of the St. Mary Chalets), you start the trail to the beaver pond. It’s a quaint little pond that attracts quite a […]

  • Medicine Grizzly Lake

    Medicine Grizzly Lake

    Right up the heart of the Cutbank Creek drainage lies a beautiful lake called Medicine Grizzly Lake. 2011 was an amazing year for wildflowers and waterfalls and this trip displayed that tremendously. Most people walk past the junction to this lake on their way to Triple Divide Pass which gives you a bird’s eye view […]

  • Two Medicine Lake & Upper Two Medicine Lake

    Two Medicine Lake & Upper Two Medicine Lake

    Two Medicine Lake is a fantastically beautiful lake located on the east side of Glacier National Park. This is a walk along the trail that goes around Two Medicine Lake taking little spurs that include Upper Two Medicine, Twin Falls, Paradise Point and Aster Park. You get quite a bit of variety on this hike […]

  • Otokomi Lake

    Otokomi Lake

    Starting at Rising Sun in the St. Mary Valley and following Rose Creek for a little over 5 miles, you’ll end up at Otokomi Lake. It’s a beautiful lake nestled at the base of Goat Mountain. Early in the season, the waterfalls coming into the lake are beautiful and Rose Creek is cascading with some […]

  • Crossing the Finish Line

    I did it. It’s pretty surreal right now and definitely hasn’t sunk in that I’m all done with the hiking part of my project. Of course when I say, “I did it”, it’s very very misleading. There is no way you can accomplish any larger goal without support from others from vehicle shuttles, joining hikes, […]