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  • Cameron Lake – Waterton Lakes National Park

    Cameron Lake – Waterton Lakes National Park

    At the end of the Akamina Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park, you find the beautiful Cameron Lake. There are a few trails that start from the parking lot. The trail that runs along the lake is a nice level hiking path that is just over a mile long. It hugs the lake nicely and […]

  • Backpacking DSLR Setup

    Backpacking DSLR Setup

    ***Updated: See what I’m now hiking with here! For great videos and photos, Canon DSLR cameras offer incredible image quality. Here is my camera setup I took when I hiked and documented every trail in Glacier National Park in 2011 and continue to take when I get out. (Look for a future video on how […]

  • Cameron Creek Trail – Waterton Lakes National Park

    Cameron Creek Trail – Waterton Lakes National Park

    Paralleling the Akamina Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park is a trail that follows Cameron Creek. This trail is primarily used as a ski trail in the winter, with the first half being a trail in the trees that follows Cameron Creek that runs from right around the Rowe Lakes trailhead and extending to the […]

  • The hard decision to turn back

    The hard decision to turn back

    Just recently, we were elated to hear of the rescue of a couple of hikers that spent a few days in the backcountry of Glacier National Park. In the official press release here, the NPS commended them for realizing their predicament and hunkering down to get discovered. A local photographer and outdoor enthusiast Tony Bynum […]

  • North of the 49th

    Well I’m heading up north tomorrow to hike trails in Waterton Lakes National Park for the next couple of weeks. Won’t be getting out much in the way of blogs, but you can track my hiking on the Track Page. Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you do both of those with the […]

  • Waterton Lakes National Park Announcement

    Waterton Lakes National Park Announcement

    As a follow up to last year’s project of hiking all the trails in Glacier National Park, Jake Bramante is heading out to hike the much less ambitious 125 miles of trails in Waterton Lakes National Park in the month of September, 2012. Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park come together to form […]

  • Boulder Ridge

    Boulder Ridge

    On your way into the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, you may notice the dam at the foot of Lake Sherburne. On the other side of this dam is an old trail along the boundary heading up to Boulder Ridge. This trail used to provide access up and over Boulder Ridge to the […]

  • North Fork Meadows

    North Fork Meadows

    Heading up the Inside North Fork Road in Glacier National Park, there are a bunch of meadows that dot the landscape. Three of these meadows have trails. Heading north from Fish Creek, the first meadow you come to is McGee Meadow. There is an overlook from the Camas side and this trail allows you to […]

  • Ptarmigan – Redgap (including Iceberg Lake)

    Ptarmigan – Redgap (including Iceberg Lake)

    Most visitors to Glacier National Park are looking for great day hikes. In the Many Glacier area, it doesn’t get much better than a trip up to Iceberg Lake and/or Ptarmigan Tunnel. The trail that serves both hikes is often closed due to Grizzly Bear activity, so a planned alternative is recommended, but if you […]

  • Brown Pass

    Brown Pass

    The access to the high country from the Bowman valley in the North Fork region of Glacier National Park, is done by hiking along Bowman Lake, past Bowman Campground and up to Bowman Pass where it intersects the Boulder Pass Trail. This trail is most commonly frequented by those desiring to reach Boulder Pass or […]