Granite Park Chalet Bike and Hike 2019

With Going-to-the Sun Road in Glacier National Park closed to cars, but open to bikes, we got a little creative and hiked up to Granite Park Chalet after biking to the Loop. We found a stunning array of wildflowers while birds serenaded us up into the alpine landscape.

It was a Saturday morning so we knew that we needed to get up to Avalanche Campground before there was no parking. We arrived at 7:30am, found a parking spot and hopped on our bikes.

Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park is getting a little resurfacing work this spring, so you have to navigate the days when you can ride your bike. It opened for the weekend and we figured that it would give us a chance to get a hike in.

We figured that the trail to Granite Park Chalet was probably mostly clear. The air was cool and filled with the sounds of singing birds. Clouds shrouded the tops of the massive peaks and we pedaled up along with other folks wearing similar smiles.

A few folks were stopped up ahead and we noticed a couple of black bears that were feeding on the side of the road. We just so happened upon them at the right time. We kept our distance and watched them forage for a little bit before grouping up and passing them on the other side of the road.

We climbed our way up to the Loop where we dropped off our bikes and began hiking.

The trail from the Loop up to Granite Park Chalet is usually experienced by hikers coming from Logan Pass along the Highline Trail. By the time they get to Granite Park Chalet, they’re hot and tired. The trail from here down is west facing with little shade, so it’s a hot, dry affair.

It is, unless, you come in the morning on a spring day like we did. It was full of small streams going across the road and wildflowers like crazy. I’m not sure how many different species we saw, but they were everywhere and of every variety. Purples, yellows, oranges, reds, whites, etc.

While the bird songs never stopped, which birds were singing changed as we got higher. We went from Varied Thrushes and Yellow Warblers to Fox Sparrows and Lazuli Buntings to White-crowned Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes. All along the way, a new bird was singing a song while Red-tailed Hawks and a Golden Eagle soared overhead.

We encountered a little bit of snow about 1/4 mile from the chalet, but it was all navigable all the way to the chalet. We found a perfect perch and enjoined our lunch as the clouds continued to recede, revealing the jaw-dropping Garden Wall that never gets old to my eyes. Glacier Lilies and Springbeauty carpeted the ground while Columbian Ground Squirrels scurried amongst them.

We eventually turned around, seeing only a couple of people. That changed as we got to the road, then even more people clamoring around Avalanche Campground. We, however, found gorgeous solitude in the alpine landscapes at Granite Park Chalet in Glacier National Park.

The Garden Wall from Granite Park Chalet

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14 responses to “Granite Park Chalet Bike and Hike 2019”

  1. Beautiful pictures and great tips! I so appreciate the flower pictures and the fact that you name them all. I look forward to my next visit.

    1. 1) Approximately how long is the bike portion from Avalanche to The Loop? Is it pretty steep?

      2) How far is the chalet hike and what is it’s difficulty level?

      3) How much time should I allow for both the biking & hiking? I’m sure I’ll be slower than you.

      Your hike video was so inspiring! I would like to try it but I want to make sure I’m fit enough. Thanks!!

      1. hike734 Avatar

        1) 7.8 miles or so. Not steep for a while, then pretty steep. Took us an hour.
        2) A little over 4 miles to the chalet… moderately strenuous?
        3) Our times were 1 hour bike up. 5.5 hours hiking (including lunch/flower-sniffing/bird watching), 0.5 hours down.

        I would go regardless. Enjoy the journey as there is a lot to enjoy! If you make it to the Loop, walk for a bit. If you have the energy, keep going!

    2. hike734 Avatar


  2. Scott Bracewell Avatar
    Scott Bracewell

    Nice video. We just got back from 10 days on the east side. The flowers were as good as I’ve seen in all the years we’ve been going. Probably saw 30-40 different flowers. June is just so green! Thanks greatly for posting.

    1. hike734 Avatar

      You bet! Glad you got to enjoy them as well. 😀

  3. Denise Avatar

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing. We have only hiked out the loop in the summer. This looks to be the perfect Saturday itinerary. Just jealous we don’t live closer and can partake but glad you can and that you share!

  4. Thanks so much..I plan on going there next year…on my bucket list..

  5. Jeff Boyle Avatar
    Jeff Boyle

    My son and I were backpacking the east side a couple days after you were shooting this video and we agree – the wildflowers were incredible! Before coming, we spent a lot of time going through your videos and bought both your map and the Nat Geo topo for our trip. Thanks for sharing your experiences so others can enjoy this incredible place.

  6. Stunning view along the trail to Granite Park Chalet. Good tip on starting the hike early in the morning so it won’t get too hot.

  7. Amber Morgan Avatar
    Amber Morgan

    What type of camera do you use for photos and video? Stunning pictures!

  8. […] Granite Park Chalet Bike and Hike 2019 […]

  9. Scott Q Vidas Avatar
    Scott Q Vidas

    I will be staying at Granite Park Chalet June 25 and 26th , 2024 with my son. I have an RV so I will either need to hitchhike to the Loop trailhead or bike to the Loop and lock up our bikes there. Any experience in locking bikes at the Loop assuming that Logan Pass still may be closed?

    1. Jake Bramante Avatar
      Jake Bramante

      I would first chat with the Granite Park Chalet folks. They may be able to shuttle you, but I don’t know that for sure. I doubt that parking your bike at the loop would be a problem, but the folks at Granite Park Chalet would know the answer to that question as well. They may recommend that you park at Packer’s Roost.

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