Scenic Point 2017 by Mrs. Hike 734

Jake is currently in Yosemite National Park working on his next Hike 734 project.  If you regularly follow his blogs you might have seen me tagging along behind him on his hiking adventures. I won’t be able to join him in Yosemite until August, but that won’t keep me from hitting the trail.

I wrapped up some weekend house projects and with the weather being so fantastic it was time to play… Glacier was calling me! A girls hiking trip was in order.  One of my friends had never been to Scenic Point and the other it had been at least 10 years.  We were treated to a perfect day in the Two Medicine area of Glacier.

If you haven’t already heard, the beargrass bloom in Glacier this year is pretty remarkable. The beginning of this trail greeted us with an abundance of tall, fragrant, white orbs.  

We began to climb steadily on the trail as it worked its way out of the Appistoki Creek drainage. The wildflower covered hillsides and open views were fantastic as we switchbacked up the rocky terrain.  We enjoyed the unobstructed views of Two Medicine Lake and colorful red rock of Rising Wolf Mountain contrasted against the blue sky.

After meeting a young bighorn sheep on the trail that was snacking on beargrass, we continued on towards the saddle and up to Scenic Point. Here we shared the summit with a hoary marmot as we enjoyed our lunch and the beautiful view of the surrounding rocky peaks and down to Lower Two Medicine Lake.

On our return trip down we were fortunate to come across a group of ewes and lambs.   The mid-afternoon sun was hot and there is very little shade along the trail so we made haste as we switchbacked down, enjoying the beautiful views this trail offers of the Two Medicine area.



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8 responses to “Scenic Point 2017 by Mrs. Hike 734”

  1. Jackie Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! Im gonna have to add this to my must do next list!

  2. Karen Avatar

    What gorgeous photos!

  3. Kelvin Avatar

    We were at Glacier in August 2011 and 2012, lots of Beargrass. We returned August 2016, no Beargrass. Someone at the park told us Beargrass bloom in cycles of 5 to 6 years. Your photos make us want to go back. We need to explore the Two Medicine area.

    1. Hi Kelvin, years ago I heard similar information regarding the bloom cycle of beargrass. However, after reading more about the plant it appears to be a combination of factors that affect the bloom. Here is an article I read recently that you might find interesting. I hope you do get to come back to Glacier for a visit some time soon!

  4. Kristen, Was the slope/trail past the saddle free of snow?

    1. Hi Sue, yes the entire trail was free of snow including past the saddle to the summit. Also, trail status reports can be found on the NPS website.

  5. Barb from Charlotte NC Avatar
    Barb from Charlotte NC

    Love hearing from a female. I’m a little timid hiking on my own, but the option of not hiking at all gets me out there. Your blog is encouraging, even though you were lucky to have friends with you. Please keep it up!

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