Tower Falls

The paved trail to the overlook of Tower Fall in Yellowstone National park is a nice walk for everyone featuring the tall waterfall, great rock formations and the Yellowstone River. Beyond the overlook, the unpaved section of trail meanders down close to the river. Here, the official, maintained trail ends and a sketchy social trail takes you to the river’s edge.

The Tower area is busy during the summer and the day I stopped at the general store there was no exception. I walked down the short, paved path to the overlook for Tower Falls. The easy walk is pleasant, but not very noteworthy. The waterfall, however, is wonderful. There once was a trail that went from the Yellowstone River to the base of the falls, but that no longer exists, so this is really the best view.

From here, the trail leaves the pavement and I walked down with fewer people through the switchbacks. Numerous spots along the way give views of the river. One section went through the trees until a sign said notified of the end of the trail. From there, I scrambled down to the river via social trails. It’s a bit tricky, but definitely worth it (and attainable by most hikers).

From here, you’re right along the shores of the Yellowstone River. I could see the confluence of Tower Creek into the Yellowstone River. Beautiful cliffs featuring layers of basalt columns and the signature tower spires on other layers.

Overall, a nice, quick hike in the area. Tower Falls is accessible by all at least to the waterfall, and it’s nice to be able to get down to the river.

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