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  • Sentinel Meadows & Queens Laundry

    The hike to Sentinel Meadows and Queens Laundry gives you a level trail with wide open meadows, hot springs, ponds, birds, and a little bit of Yellowstone National Park history. The trail can be done by hiking directly to Queens Laundry and back or made into a little loop that’s a bit longer through another meadow. […]

  • West Thumb Geyser Basin

    West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park boasts one of the arguably best backdrops for a geyser basin in all of Yellowstone. This collection of springs and geysers is laced by a family-friendly boardwalk that is great and accessible for anyone and everyone. I started walking the boardwalk of West Thumb Geyser Basin in the […]

  • Lewis River – Dogshead Loop

    The Lewis River – Dogshead Loop in Yellowstone National Park is a nice, fairly level, loop through a variety of lodgepole forest, lakes, and a nice section along the Lewis River Channel. While the Dogshead portion is the more direct route to Shoshone Lake, it’s less interesting than the Lewis River section. Combining them into […]

  • Garnet Hill Loop and Hellroaring Creek

    The Garnet Hill Loop and Hellroaring Creek Trail in Yellowstone National Park are two great hikes with a nice combination of creeks, forest, vast sagebrush meadows and the Yellowstone River. They can be done separately or paired together for a long day hike. I started out on a nice, sunny day at the Garnet Hill […]

  • Avalanche Peak

    Avalanche Peak in Yellowstone National Park is a short, steep hike gaining over 2,000ft of elevation gain in approximately two miles. The rewards for your efforts are in epic views that come in spades. While the first half of the hike is in the trees, the second half is on a lunar landscape with peaks […]

  • Cascade Creek Trail

    The Cascade Creek Trail in Yellowstone National Park loosely follows Cascade Creek through forest and meadows to the Cascade Lake Trail. It’s a slightly longer alternate to Cascade Lake, very level, and offers a little less than the shorter, Cascade Lake Trail. The Cascade Creek Trail takes off from the Norris-Canyon Road just west of […]

  • Observation Peak

    The Observation Peak Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a trail that takes you through beautiful meadows, past a lake and up on an alpine ridge to a great overlook. The lookout on the summit is no longer staffed, but a great building with panoramic views. You can start your trek to Observation Peak via the […]

  • Harlequin Lake

    Harlequin Lake in Yellowstone National Park is a short hike to a beautiful lake tucked beneath rocky cliffs featuring an assortment of waterfowl. The entire path is level making it great for the whole family. The entire 1/2 mile to the lake is in a new stand of lodgepole pines giving little in the way […]

  • Beaver Ponds Trail

    The Beaver Ponds Trail in Yellowstone National Park offers a nice combination of open grasslands and forest. This mixture gives you great opportunities to see elk, small mammals, and a wide variety of other birds. Overall, it’s a great hike to do near the Mammoth Hot Springs area. In the spring, much of Yellowstone National […]

  • Northgate Peaks Trail

    The Northgate Peaks Trail in Zion National Park offers seclusion among it’s wonderful ponderosa pines. Unlike busier areas of Zion, people you meet along the trail are most likely backpacking or canyoneering. This level walk along the grassy forest is anything but suffocating and the chance to see a whole different set of animals is great. […]