Tag: Yellowstone National Park

  • Riddle Lake

    Riddle Lake

    Riddle Lake in Yellowstone National Park sits near the Continental Divide and serves as a nesting site for swans which closes it for much of the summer season. A fall trip to this lake is a nice level stroll to a quaint body of water surrounded by grassy meadows and filled with waterfowl. It took […]

  • Pebble Creek Trail

    Pebble Creek Trail

    Tucked away high in the rugged mountains of the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park is the sublime Pebble Creek Valley. The Pebble Creek Trail goes up and over a steep ridge, then follows Pebble Creek all the way down the valley as it goes from open grasslands to wooded canyon. On a bluebird day, I […]

  • Pelican Valley Loop

    Pelican Valley Loop

    The Pelican Valley Loop gives you a tour of the enormous, grass expanse of a valley that is the Pelican Valley in Yellowstone National Park. With the slow moving Pelican Creek lazily winding through it’s heart and grasslands surrounding its banks, it’s a perfect habitat for birds, bison, and many other animals large and small. […]

  • Sky Rim Trail via Specimen Creek

    Sky Rim Trail via Specimen Creek

    Specimen Creek, one of the larger creeks in the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park, is a great way to access the incredible Sky Rim Trail. Pair it with the Black Butte Trail and you have an epic day hike with petrified trees, meadows, forest, a sketchy traverse, views, and a great chance to see […]

  • Sky Rim Trail via Dailey Creek

    Sky Rim Trail via Dailey Creek

    The Sky Rim Trail borders Yellowstone National Park and the Gallatin National Forest to the north. This trail faithfully follows the sawtooth ridge giving you both incredible views and ample elevation gain culminating to a summit of the rounded, grassy dome of Big Horn Peak. Accessing it via the wonderful meadows of Dailey Creek (Daly […]

  • The Hoodoos

    The Hoodoos

    The Hoodoos in Yellowstone National Park are a large boulder field as a result of an earthquake that rocked Terrace Mountain. While you can drive through the lower section, you can also walk through them which gives you a bonus of some great views and a more intimate look at these great stones. This hike can […]

  • Electric Peak and Cache Lake

    Electric Peak and Cache Lake

    The climb up to the summit of Electric Peak culminates to breathtaking, unparalleled, panoramic views of the Mammoth area of Yellowstone National Park. The spur trail to Cache Lake is a nice destination and far less arduous. Both are longer days, and paired together, gives you an epic adventure. Electric Peak stands tall and proud […]

  • Artists Paintpots

    Artists Paintpots

    Be prepared for stark white mud pots and strikingly colored pools at Artists Paintpots near Norris in Yellowstone National Park. This short trail leads to a loop that goes up and hillside and back down, circling a wonderful collection of hydrothermal features. I’d been exploring all over Yellowstone throughout the day and this was my […]

  • Norris Geyser Basin

    Norris Geyser Basin

    Norris Geyser Basin is one of the more active hydrothermal areas in Yellowstone National Park. It features two basins full of pools, geysers, steaming vents, springs, mud pots and creeks that flow over brightly colored extremophiles. From the white porcelain basin to the more spread out back basin, it’s a hydrothermal lovers dream. Instead of parking at […]

  • Monument Geyser Basin

    Monument Geyser Basin

    Monument Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park is a smaller, less visited geyser basin tucked away above Gibbon Meadows. It’s a fairly short hike with a steep section mostly limited views. While the hydrothermal features there are interesting, there isn’t the scope and variety of other basins in the area. I pulled up to the Monument […]